Ice Auger Sharpening Service:

Quality service since 1966.

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If you are reading this site, we are still sharpening. If you want to do a reality check before you send your blades, give us a call! Site last updated Fall 2018

Your blades sharpened, and your blades returned. We will not switch your blades for used blades.

Frequently asked questions about our service.

"If you're happy tell your friends, if not you come right back and tell me!"

tel. (517)420-4637

Send your blades and a check or money order for $14.95 to

Rycki Hull Hill
8677 Hidden Trail
Orleans MI

Make the check out to RYCKI HULL HILL

We also accept PayPal payments to

The $14.95 includes all shipping costs! You can expect to see your blades returned to you within two weeks from the day that we receive them.

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